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Accuflow Systems Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Welcome to the only stop you need to make online for all your production and laboratory flexible tubing, carboy, and sealant needs.

From bottle assemblies, to EZ Top Closures, carboys, and more, cflextubing has everything the modern laboratory requires to handle liquids. Full pharmaceutical sealing is offered with our C’eal Flex TPE Ultra Sealer, which seals our own cflex tubing, or many other types of plastic tubing. Even when filled with fluid, this reliable sealer creates a channel and allows you to seal segmented tubing. The Connect-Flex TPE Welder allows you to weld tubing together with liquid in the line! Both the Sealer and Welder can be ordered for use worldwide. Simply indicate if you need U.S. or European current when you order.

Purchase our BarbLock Ultra Secure Tubing Retainers when you need 360° radial crimp and compression for your biochemical processes. They’ve become the industry standard. Whatever your biomedical and pharmaceutical production requires, cflextubing.com has it, so place your order with us today!

Bio-Simplex® Erlenmeyer Flasks
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Bio-Simplex® Sampling Manifold Systems
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C-Flex® 082 Tubing- Mini Spool
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C-Flex® 700 Ultra Tubing- Coil
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Pure-Fit® Tru Valve System
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